Nobel Brothers’ History sources in Azerbaijan and Sweden

 The Azerbaijan Scandinavia Cooperation Organization (ASCO), a non-governmental and non-profit organization legally registered in Azerbaijan and the National Board of Archives of the Republic of Azerbaijan (NBA), have conducted numerous research studies on the Bra Nobel History up to now and have established favourable relationship with the international and local actors in this regard.


A Scientific Cooperation Agreement between the Centre for Business History (CBH) in Stockholm and the NBA in Baku and an Associated Cooperation Agreement between the NBA and the ASCO has been signed. As well as helpful relationship with the Swedish Consulate in Azerbaijan has been established for this purpose and it has been agreed to draft and implement joint projects of historical research on the Bra Nobel Oil Company and its owners. The CBH in Stockholm has since May 2010 received the financial support* from the Foundation “Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare” in Sweden and started the implementation of the Swedish part of our joint Bra Nobel History Project (BNHP). The CBH has already produced the website with a large digital archive database on the Bra Nobel. Historical material on Bra Nobel-related topics are being collected from as many archives around the world as possible in digital form to enrich the digital database and a variety of actions are also being taken to further enhance the utility of this international database. 


ASCO has drafted the Azerbaijani part of the BNHP ( for the purpose of collection of more than 250,000 original historical documents on the Bra Nobel and their activity in Azerbaijan’s oil sector existing in Azerbaijan and contribute them into the international Bra Nobel database in digital form. The collection will be easy and free-of-charge accessible for researchers worldwide, with the ultimate aim of wider and deeper research and publication of those materials.


We believe that the implementation of the proposed Project may considerably enrich the Bra Nobel archives database by means of unique historical source materials from Azerbaijan and will play an amazing role in telling about the hitherto hidden part of Azerbaijan’s oil history and of Bra Nobel activities in Azerbaijan to the international academic research community and historically interested individuals precisely.


ASCO has since May 2010 received the financial support from the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, Nobel Oil and Nobel International Fraternity. Sponsors in Azerbaijan have made possible an important step forward by supporting the start of a project for massive hands-on digitalization in Baku. Thanks to the aforementioned financial support, a specialized digitalization team has been set up within the premises of the Historical Archive of Azerbaijan.

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